AVO strive to bring you the exquisite movie experience which is beyond what one would experience at the movie theatre. A properly designed and home theatre not only makes you feel that you are at movie theatre but also immerses you in the movie without any nuisances associated with the movie theatre such as crying babies and trash on the floor.



How AVO designed and installed private theatre ?

The home theatre experience is a balance of light, sight and sound. AVO brings it all together towards an unimaginable movie experience.

The following are the salient characteristics of AVO movie theatres:

  • Individualized and customized designing of your home theatre.
  • Acoustic designing using  HAA AVPro tools.
  • Acoustic room treatment  to minimize unwanted reflections and echo, in order to create natural sounding space.
  • Designing the seating layout for appropriate image size for the best movie view to amplify the thrilling experience.
  • Conversion of your mobile device into the best universal remote control in the world.
  • Precise and professional calibration (HAA certified) of high-end audio-video equipment to maximize the capabilities of the equipment.
  • At every level of cost we blend the Science of Acoustics with the Art of Aesthetics.
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